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CMS Says Facilities Should Be Screening Temperatures

As COVID cases continue, and even grow in many parts of the country, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) advises that healthcare providers should continue to screen for COVID risks to keep patients safe. In addition, those records should be held and maintained for 30 days.

Don’t find your business liable for inaccurate screening or lost documentation. Contact us now at 1-844-378-4376 or to help keep yourself safe.


Simple Screening Workflow

We provide fast, no-fuss screening that doesn't slow anyone down, for both employees and visitors.

The Fever Inspect presents a simple screening questionnaire and takes a highly accurate temperature check.

If we detect any risk, the Fever Inspect performs secondary screening automatically with a decision-tree based on CDC guidelines, so your designated screening staff only need to be notified when a judgement call is needed.

Documentation & Reporting

Electronic (email and text) notifications for multiple  event categories. Email and on-device (secure) database search and daily reporting functions.

The Fever Inspect tracks local conditions at your site and monitors its own performance, reporting its real sensitivity to fevers once per month.

Let us handle documentation for you.

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Designed for Purpose

We designed the Fever Inspect to have the accuracy needed to get core body temperatures. Along the way, we discovered flaws in the way non-contact thermometry was being done.


We then discovered several technologies that are necessary to get an accurate reading and which we haven't seen in any other non-contact body thermometry system.

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