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World’s most cost-effective, accurate, and automated small footprint thermal screening for facilities.

The majority of devices rushed to market today appear to be efficient and user-friendly, but lack REAL WORLD SCIENTIFIC ACCURACY. 


In fact, none include the level of accuracy-enhancing features - noted below - of Fever Inspect.  None.


Traditional and costly infrared (IR) thermography units “repurposed” for COVID-19 screening require room-sized total operating areas, manual operation, costly operating specialists, and lack accurate temperature sensitivity ranges. 

body thermometer_cam_01.png

Front and Back Display

Easy-read Results

Environmental Tracking

Real-time compensation while environment changes

16x16 Distance Sensor

Accuracy at any distance

Display Light

Result, Mode

Thermal Image Sensor

Lynred Microbolometer

Dual Black Bodies

Accuracy at any distance

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The lab-in- a-box design simplifies elevated body temperature screening accuracy for the long-term. Fever INspect uniquely incorporates temperature calibration (blackbodies), an ambient temperature sensor, and a distance-to-target sensor and more, all attuned to accurately detect fever temperatures. 

With COVID-19, the business environment has changed dramatically. As your workforce looks for security the risk of losing them is high. You’re looking for a fast and secure early warning system screening for COVID-19. Fever Inspoect