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Fever Inspect Team

Erik Beall, PhD
CEO, Founder

Erik Beall, our Founder and CEO, developed the technology behind Fever Inspect in response to the SARS-Cov2 outbreak. With over a decade in physiology and medical research at the Cleveland Clinic and eight years in thermal imaging “ground-up” technology development running Hema Imaging, Erik foresaw and then developed the technology needed to do human body temperature measurement accurately and automatically.

Brad Canham
CMO, Co-Founder

Brad, leading our marketing efforts, is a veteran Silicon Valley and Midwest technology executive and co-founder, leading strategic sales and product marketing for several companies in the IT and IoT spaces. 

John Pratten
Thermography Advisor 

John, our resident expert thermographer, is an ANST compliant, Level III trained Thermographer with over a decade experience running a professional thermography practice, Proactive Maintenance Consultants. Prior to founding the company, John worked at two prominent infrared companies managing sales and as a thermography expert supporting major clients throughout the United Sates. John is advising on thermography and the thermographer and industrial sales channels.

Dan Rose
Embedded Engineer

Dan is our software and firmware genius. He craves technical challenges and is driven to quickly and deeply grasping complicated ideas. Complexity theory, compiler design for quantum computing or algebraic geometry are some of the fun conversations that might happen around Dan. Dan is tackling our firmware and software integration efforts.

Courtney Beall

Courtney is a product marketing extraordinaire, helping Thermal Diagnostics develop the tools needed for our sales development and distributors to succeed in bringing the Fever Inspect to market.


In the early days of developing the Fever Inspect, Thermal Diagnostics leveraged bespoke thermal imaging modules and calibration technology developed and licensed from Hema Imaging and support from the Hema Imaging team in Europe. Hema Imaging continues to develop new modules and sensor technologies - for more information on thermal imaging modularization and shutterless calibration, please contact

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