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Fast, easy and reliable.
We automate COVID screening and compliance for you.

The Fever Inspect screening solution works for both employees and visitors. Employees begin the process with a low-cost, reliable NFC tag for contactless sign-in. Visitors use a tablet for sign-in, with an access badge printed once cleared. 

Next, a customizable easy screening and vaccination form is presented, which activates the temperature check. Five seconds later, the individual is cleared or flagged for automated followup screening. 

All records are stored in the Fever Inspect's encrypted filesystem for secure retrieval by authorized personnel.


Our group develops new technologies and test procedures for evaluating infrared thermometers. We have developed new scientific principles and methods for getting the most accurate results.

The Fever Inspect has among the best accuracy, with validated ability in a scientific study to catch real fevers.

Multiple real fevers have been caught in real-world conditions by our customers using the FeverInspect. 


When someone is flagged for secondary screening, the Fever Inspect doesn't just pass the buck. We automate as much of the secondary screening as possible, with a decision tree modeled on CMS guidelines for risk categories, waiting until we need a judgement call to notify you by text or email.

Our daily and monthly reports keep you informed with everything you need, from compliance to your Fever Inspect's actual performance.

Ready to learn more? Contact one of our partners to get a custom quote.


Hassle-Free Automated COVID Risk Screening Nursing Home Customer Testimonial:
"it has streamlined that processes ... its easy to use and I would highly recommend it."

How does it work in daily use?

See what it looks like in action here
See how easy setup is here


Fever Inspect provides automated COVID risk and temperature screening technology to meet your risk mitigation, reliability and compliance needs. Effortlessly receive useful (and real) insights into your workforce health, not just "checking the box" but taking good care of your people by keeping them safe.


Our goal is to make COVID and influenza screening so effective and easy for you that you won't want to go to work again without the Fever Inspect by your side.

Contact us now at 1-844-378-4376 or

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