Break free from manual and inaccurate temperature screening.

We provide world-class experience in thermography design and testing. Our experienced team will work with your company on a custom proposal and assist with installation and implementation of your workforce health screening devices.


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Fever Inspect automated temperature screenings are within the new EEOC COVID-19 guidelines. And because we are made in the USA, our products are NDAA compliant.

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A key benefit of automated temperature screening is your workforce clearly sees your focus on their safety. Fever Inspect signals to your workforce that your facility is monitored for their safety, increasing their motivation.

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Fever Inspect provides automated temperature screening technology to meet your worker safety, risk mitigation, and production reliability needs. Manage your workforce health from entrances to production floors and mess halls – all the way to exits. We believe that automated, budget-friendly, small footprint screening should be designed as if we were managing your plant ourselves.


Fever Inspect is at the forefront of automated temperature screening. We do not use old, expensive, re-purposed temperature technology. Our world experts in thermography follow the new EEOC COVID-19 guidelines to build the world’s fastest, most budget-friendly, automated temperature screening available.

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